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Key Man Rates

With Key Man coverage, your business will be protected if one of your important employees were to pass away. Nearly every business has at least one “key” employee that is absolutely necessary for the success of the business. In fact, many businesses have several key employees. Some common examples include:


  • CEOs
  • Owners
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Accountants


Some businesses even have one or two hard workers that do not hold a specific management position but that know a great deal about the daily operations of the company. In all of these cases, the company may experience extreme adverse results if the person were to pass away – possibly even bankruptcy.

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Keeping Your Investors Happy with these Policies  

Investors often will not agree to financially back a company unless keyman employee insurance is purchased. Obviously, investors do not want to put their money at risk with a company that has not insured against potential disasters. Since purchasing insurance policies typically is not very expensive, it is a worthwhile investment to make for the protection of the business’s future.


Receiving Protection with these Plans 

In the tragic even that an important employee should pass away, a keyman policy will pay its value out to the company that the employee works for. This money can be used in a variety of ways. For example, the company may use the insurance pay out to purchase the company shares that the employee holds. Or, it may be used to pay off creditors or to even provide financial assistance to the family of the deceased employee. In addition, the money may go toward helping the company find a qualified replacement for the employee that was lost.


The main goal of having a key person insurance policy in place is to make sure the business can continue with its usual operation even after the death of the employee. These policies bring peace of mind to the company and its financial backers in knowing that they will not need to worry about their investment if an important employee were to die.


The Effect on the Employee  

Establishing an insurance policy really has no effect on the employee that is covered. Rather, the business simply takes out a policy for the employee and names itself as the beneficiary. As such, the employee doesn’t have to pay anything toward the policy.


The premiums that the employer has to pay, however, will be based on a number of factors. These include:


  • The salary of the employee
  • The employee’s age
  • The employee’s weight
  • The employee’s height
  • The employee’s health history
  • The results of the employee’s medical exam


As with any form of life insurance, there are no guarantees that the employee will qualify or a key person’s life coverage. Once a person becomes middle aged, it can be far more difficult to be approved for one of these policies. For this reason, most businesses choose to ensure their employees while they are still young and the possibility of being accepted is greater.