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Life Insurance for Smoking Types

If you are a smoker, getting approved for a life insurance policy can be quite difficult. Or, if you do get approved for a policy, you will likely have to pay higher rates than your non-smoking counterparts. This is because research has demonstrated that smokers tend to live shorter lives than non-smokers. In fact, research has shown that women lose an average of 13.2 years of their lives and men lose an average of 14.5 years when they smoke on a regular basis. In addition, smokers are more likely to miss work due to respiratory illnesses.


How Does Smoking Influence Insurance Rates?  

Armed with this information, life companies began to make changes to their policies. Namely, they began making it more expensive for smokers to maintain policies than for non-smokers. This is based on the fact that a person with a shorter life span will not be able to pay into the policy for as long as a person that lives longer.

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Depending on the insurance company, you may spend as much as $100 more each month in order to carry a plan. Of course, other factors come into play, such as the type of policy you are applying for, your age when applying, and the amount of coverage you wish to have. Nonetheless, you can expect to pay a significantly larger amount for your insurance if you are a smoker. Now keep in mind electronic cigarettes products are not in the same category as traditional smokers.


Are These Increased Rates Fair?  

Certainly, an increase in insurance rates for a smoker as compared to a non-smoker does not seem fair to most smokers. After all, it may seem almost like a punishment for smoking. Nonetheless, insurance companies are within their legal rights to charge more for a smoker than for a non-smoker.

Life insurance companies have long charged higher rates for people they consider to be in high-risk categories. People suffering from diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, cancer, and even allergies have experienced rate increases for a number of years. At one time, smokers did not get hit with higher rates because the full effects of smoking were not understood. Now that they are better understood, insurance companies have had to adjust their premiums accordingly.

By having high risk customers pay a higher premium, the insurance companies are able to keep their rates lower for those that are not in the high risk categories. In essence, increasing the premiums on smokers helps to prevent punishing other customers by forcing them to pay higher rates.


Are There Any Alternatives Available For Me If I Am a Smoker?  

If you are a smoker, you can still enjoy purchasing insurance coverage for a reasonable rate by working with the right company. Some companies specialize in people that fall into high risk categories, such as smokers. These companies will often look more thoroughly into the applicant’s health rather than group all smokers into one category. These are the types of companies you should look at working with in order to get the best rates possible.