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Term Insurance Services

Term insurance is a form of insurance that is in place for only a specific period of time. During this period of time, you will be required to make your regular monthly payments in order to maintain the coverage. If there is a lapse in the payments, your policy will be cancelled and your beneficiaries will not receive a pay out if you should happen to pass away.


How Does Term Compare to Whole?

The two most basic forms of life insurance are term and whole. With term, your policy will expire after a specific amount of time has passed – whether you have died or not. If you do pass away during the time of your coverage, your beneficiary will receive the predetermined death benefit that the policy is set up to pay out. Unlike whole coverage, the term policy does not have a cash value.

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Because these insurance policies are only in place for a certain amount of time rather than for your entire lifetime, this form of insurance is generally more costly than whole insurance. This is because the intent of whole life coverage is for the person to keep the policy during is or her entire lifetime and, since the person will theoretically live for several years longer than the typical term policy, he or she will have plenty of time to pay into the policy.


Who Would Need a Term Coverage?  

There are many situations in which a person may wish to purchase term coverage. For example, parents may be interested in acquiring this type of policy that will be in place until their children reach a certain age. That way, they can take comfort in knowing that their children will be financially secure in the event of their passing.


A person that will be engaging in a risky endeavor, such as learning how to fly or traveling to a third world country, may also wish to purchase a policy to cover them while they are away. Of course, engaging in these activities may make the rate of the policy more costly.


For those that are quite elderly, finding an insurance company that will issue a term policy may also be a better option than purchasing whole coverage.


Finding a Company to provide Online Quotes 

There are literally hundreds of insurance companies available that will be willing to give you a quote. When trying to find one, it is helpful to enlist in the services of an online site such as AdvantageTermLife to help you compare the policies and rates of a number of different insurance companies.

Keep in mind that the number of years you keep your policy in place and the amount of coverage you desire will both have an affect on the cost of your insurance policy. So, be certain to purchase a policy that will be in force for only as long as you will need it and that will pay out only as much as you will need.